Interviewed By A Vampire # 13: Kyle Brown and Eric Kimelton from "King Falls AM"

The Count sits down with Kyle Brown and Eric Kimelton, the creators of the hit podcast "King Falls AM" (Kyle also plays Sammy Stevens on the show, and Eric voices Deputy Troy Krieghauser).  Click play  to listen to their talk about the strange goings on in King Falls, the show's success, and even a cool King Falls AM lightening round!


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The Devil's in the Details (R)

*Slight re-edit of a previous episode of Count Drahoon's Feature of Fright. LISTEN TO THE END FOR A VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!

This one is a long time coming (4 months to be exact!). A cautionary tale set in the world of politics. How far is campaign manager Ted Giurnsey willing to go make sure that his candidate wins his congressional seat? Enter a mysterious man codenamed Wormwood; who carries with him a guarantee of victory with a stroke of the pen. Will the deal be sealed, or is there a price too big to pay? Find out in this episode featuring an all star cast including Tyler and Kelly Laney, Dalyn Hodge, Charles Shrodes, and Bryan Terry; an actual representative in the TN House Legislature!

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Interviewed By A Vampire # 12: Anthony Raus

The Count sits down with  Writer/Director Anthony Raus to discuss his latest short film "The Audition", as well as his horror/exploitation film North Woods (co-starring Jacob Batalon, who will be in Marvel Studio's upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming ) and so much more! Follow the links below for more info on the movie as well as a link to purchase it!


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People I Know And People I Won't Claim

Not everyone who is famous knows everyone else who is famous...the same goes for our favorite thousand year old vampire. Meet the people the Count knew, and the people he wishes he didn't!

Interviewed By A Vampire # 11: Joshua Kennedy

The Count sits down with the Man of the Arts himself Joshua Kennedy! In this episode, the Count and Herr Kennedy discuss his upcoming feature length movie Theseus and the Minotaur, his homages to classic films, and the beginnings of a possible Taste the Blood of Dracula themed social club! For more information on Joshua and to purchase any of his films, follow the links below. This episode is dedicated to the memory of Xander Pretorious and the Pretorious Family.



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D.R. McAnally, Jr.'s "The Leprechaun"

Rick Hamilton from America Now returns with another hard hitting report about leprechauns, featuring the world's most prominent leprechaun scholar and a cast of characters with their own unique stories of the elusive creature! Also includes a sneak peek of the next episode!

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Mr. Blue Sky

Nothing is as it seems in this little tale. Chris has a condition: he has no emotions. He sees a therapist, and he even has a little cat to care of, trying every little thing to have some semblance of human feeling. This changes when he meets Heather and falls in love. This could be dangerous.

Interviewed By A Vampire # 10: Christopher R. Mihm, Part Two

In part two, the Count and Christopher R. Mihm discuss the expansion of the Mihmiverse,  his upcoming film Demon with the Atomic Brain, and they play a little "What if" game based on the monsters in the Mihmiverse films! There's still time to contribute to Christopher's latest film. Be sure to click on the link below and check out all of Chris' other fantastic films and artistic endeavors at! Plus, enjoy Mark Wright's latest edition of "The Cannibal B.S." saga!

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