Count Drahoon and Daryl's Awkward Christmas Special, PLUS: Fanatical Beasts and The Cannibal B.S.

A big blowout to usher in the Christmas season and to wrap up the year. Everything from the Count and his son Daryl's quirky Christmas mixer, their guide to "Fanatical Beasts and How to Avoid Them"; as well as the premiere of Mark Wright's new minisode series "The Cannibal Butcher Shop"! Check out Mark's @MidnightGore twitter page! Have a Merry Christmas (Happy Hanukkah to allof our Jewish Spooks and Spookettes:)) and have a safe and wonderful New Year!

I Am the One Who Screams

A simple, country family embarks on a little hayride when instead their quiet evening takes a dark turn into the realm of the supernatural. Filled with banshees, slashers, and bonfires, "I Am the One Who Screams" boasts an all star cast, featuring Tales of Horror star Jessica Felice and Horror Happens Radio host Jay Kay!

Updates on "I Am the One Who Screams" and The People Have Spoken!

Some more delays in the mixing of "I Am the One Who Screams".  Nothing major, it's just a matter of us being perfectionists. In addition to that, some fans of the show have asked me about a Christmas special for CDFF. I thought about it, got some ideas going, and am now in the process of making it as I am typing this! I'll be dropping the special next week, and we will release "I Am the One Who Screams" before the end of the year (possibly the same week as the Christmas special).

To make the "I Am the One Who Screams" premiere more special, our good friend Jay Kay at the Horror Happens Radio Show (one of the stars of the episode, believe it or not!) has offered to play "I Am the One Who Screams" on HHR! So, you're getting two premieres on two fantastic shows, and a Christmas special jam packed with all sorts of goodies! Thank you for your patience, and be sure to stay tuned! The Count is coming!

Interviewed By A Vampire # 7, Joseph Aguon Drake and David Baker

The Count sits down with the creative team behind the indie horror film series "Fearsville". Writer/Directo Joseph Aguon Drake and Cinematographer David Baker talk about the excitement, challenges, and rewards of making a "southern horror flick".

For more info about Joe's and David's work, check out White Door Production's website and social media outlets!


A Switcher-oo of sorts..

The last program update mentioned the coming episode "I Am the One Who Screams", and another installment of "Interviewed by A Vampire" to follow sometime in December. I have decided to swap the two for super duper awesome reasons (to be disclosed later). So, instead you will be listening to the Count's interview with Joseph Aguon Drake and David Baker, the creative team behind the "Fearsville" saga and "The Girl Without A Name"! "I Am the One Who Screams", along with another audio play, will be on the docket in December! Hope you enjoy everything, and thanks for staying tuned!

Trailer for "I Am the One Who Screams"

Trailer for the next audio play episode of CDFF, starring the Tales of Horror star Jessica Felice and Horror Happens Radio Host Jay Kay! Coming soon to an RSS feed near you!

Programming Update

At least up until the end of the year, "Count Drahoon's Feature of Fright" will be returning to its twice-monthly format. For November, we have presented you "The Devil's in the Details", and by the end of the month we will have yet another star studded audio play called "I am the One Who Screams" starring the lovely Jessica Felice and the gruesome host of The Horror Happens Radio Show Jay Kay! In December, we will have at least one more audio production titled "Snow Blind", and possibly an interview with a horror film director (to be disclosed as soon as it is confirmed!) Keep tuning into CDFF, subscribe and share! Let us know how we're doing:)

The Devil's in the Details

This one is a long time coming (4 months to be exact!). A cautionary tale set in the world of politics. How far is campaign manager Ted Giurnsey willing to go make sure that his candidate wins his congressional seat? Enter a mysterious man codenamed Wormwood; who carries with him a guarantee of victory with a stroke of the pen. Will the deal be sealed, or is there a price too big to pay? Find out in this episode featuring an all star cast including Tyler and Kelly Laney, Dalyn Hodge, Charles Shrodes, and Bryan Terry; an actual representative in the TN House Legislature!

This is the final episode sponsored by Deadland Scream Park! Listen to win entry into the Puzzle Room! 

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For more info on Bryan Terry:


7 Misconceptions About Werewolves

The Count fills you in on everything you need to know (and probably didn't know) about werewolves!

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