Wake Me When September...is almost half way over

Hey folks!

Hope you're enjoying what we've got on the site so far! Just a few announcements real quick:

We're still working on some ideas to flesh out for the video portion for Tay and reworking the format for Common Ground with Collin and Braidon! The guys have very busy schedules and we are working out scheduling and content as we speak. As for Tay, I recently got my hands on some new equipment (a new Rode mic!), so I will be testing that out in a few days and seeing what we can come up with.  In the meantime, the Tay podcast is till chugging along! This month we're going to take a little break from our "Forbidden Three" theme to debut my interview with Brion McClanahan; historian, podcaster, and author of the soon to be released book How Alexander Hamilton Screwed Up America. Tentatively, I will have that out before the end of the month! 

Currently, we're in post for the next episode of Count Drahoon's Feature of Fright entitled "How We Fall", a contutation of this sci fi saga we have brewing on the show! I don't want to give too much away except that we've got our old friends Charles Shrodes and Yancy Pearson back behind the mic as well as two newcomers: John Mauldin, host of The Inexplicable Dumb Show podcast and Leanna Chamish, professional film and voice over actress who's body of work includes  Call Girl of Cthulhu, Malice, and so much more! (Also, there will be an old familiar voice towards the end of this one!)

So, that's your rundown for September! More news to come, so stay tuned!

August Rush (Not the dude, the state of rushing through the month)

Hey folks!

Here's an update for August. I can confidently say to you all that this has been the best month Camcordertv has had to date! We've seen tremendous growth in our audience in the last couple of months, and my personal expectations have been exceeded time and time again. I have to thank God, and I have to thank all of you! Whether you've been with us since the beginning, or if you are joining us fairly recently, we appreciate you tuning in week after week to enjoy what we have to help you escape reality!

So we're growing, which is great, but now is not the time to rest on our laurels! No, we aim to raise the bar even more, starting with the video portion of TAY. I am currently working on returning the show back to its roots, back to sketch comedy. Grant it, the vlog format is fine, but I think the show's true strength is in sketch comedy; which I believe is practically non existent nowadays. Learning from my mistakes in the past, we'll be starting  out small, then working our way into the bigger stuff. We will start rolling this out by next month; I'm currently in pre-production and will start shooting something next week.

As for Common Ground With Collin and Braidon, we are currently in the process of tweaking the format a little. Reception for the show was good, but we understand that we want to break the mold and do something that is not done by anyone else, and we feel the direction we are going in   is the best way to accomplish this. We will plan to get back on schedule by the end of the month or early September.

Midnight Gore is still under construction. Mark and I are working on a new angle for the show, making it more performance based and less of a "talking head" show, for lack of a better term. More news on this as it develops.

As for Count Drahoon's Feature of Fright, stay tuned in for a new episode this Friday! It's an old familiar tale with a new twist at the end! For those that have been following the show for a while, I know you will recognize it, but you're going to want to listen to it for a very special new ending.

There it is, the rundown for August, and all good news! Let's ride this momentum into September! Stay tuned, and once again, thanks!


Updates on Common Ground, Midnight Gore, and the King Falls AM interview on CDFF

Hello one and all!

So, in case you couldn't already tell, we've got some BIG THINGS going on behind the scenes! For instance, Count Drahoon's will present his interview with the creative team behind the popular audio drama podcast King Falls AM! We are so excited about this, as you can tell by the Count's recent interruption of last week's episode of "TAY"! King Falls AM is a fantastic show, and just this month they hit four million download mark! Woo hoo! That episode will premiere August 10th, so spread the word around and tell your friends. This interview is a big deal for the Count; we were told by Kyle and Eric (the creators) that the King Falls audience is craving some behind-the-scenes content, and the Count is one of the few (possibly the only) providing it for now!

Also, we teased a new podcast called "Midnight Gore", hosted by our good friend Mark Wright. Aside from the one teaser we put out a few months ago, we haven't really given you all any updates. Well, here you go: we have decided to delay the premiere and rework the format, Initially, the show was going to be a horror themed talk show focussing on topics mirroring Mark's Twitter page. Tentatively, we have decided to make the show more performance based, and we will give you more updates when we have a general outline nailed down.

We are having some slight difficulties with "Common Ground With Collin and Braidon". iTunes has taken down our feed, and we aren't really sure why. While we are solving this conundrum, we will start putting the show on Youtube until we solve this problem. Of course, you can still check it out on the site!

Hope you're having a great summer! As always, more news and more content to come! 

Stay tuned,


Dead Air?

I feel like we haven't talked in forever folks. I know we've been a little light on content this month, but I assure it's not because we are ignoring you. We've actually been working on some really big things for the web site. I'll be honest with you, some of these things haven't worked out (we pitched the Count Drahoon show to Minnesota Public Radio), and somethings are up in the air (working on some big potential interviews set up for Tay and CDFF, as well as the launch of Common Ground and Midnight Gore over the summer).  Also, things in the personal life have been chaotic, and have taken more of my time than I would like. I know I owe you all so much. You are a wonderful audience and I can not thank you enough for joining me on this crazy ride. Right now, we are working on putting out the final episode of CDFF for the month. All I will say about it is that it will be another edition of "Tales of Drahoon" and it will star the incomparable actor/filmmaker Joshua Kennedy! I really think you're going to dig this one: it's got great laughs, it's an homage to some classic horror films, and Josh does a pretty great Vincent Price impression too! What more could you ask for in a podcast?! Josh is a great guy, he's absolutely fantastic to work with, and you shouldn't just take my word for it. Go check out the Count's interview with him on the "Count Drahoon's Feature of Fright" page on the podcast tab now! For "Tay", there's a chance I may've found a new home for the video portion (finger's crossed). If not, there's a possibility that the show may have to be reformatted (again!), which may mean that the show will be shot in my living room. As for the podcast portion, I really hope you've been enjoying our little round table discussions. I know they've been really silly and off the cuff, but we had a lot of fun doing them, and we would like to do more if you all enjoy them as much as we do! For real this time, I'm also going to start integrating some performance pieces on the show as well, getting back to the roots of the show so to speak. I've got an idea formulating, I'm going to start writing it and that will be the episode for June! Last but not least, stay tuned in for Common Ground with Collin and Braidon, which is coming very soon! If all goes well, we will be recording the first episode this evening, and hopefully we will have it out by the end of the month. Fair warning, this is going to be a very controversial show. This is going to be an extremely political show, and trust me, I know how touchy politics can get in this day and age. However, if you've got a thick skin and  you're very intellectually curious, I think you're going to love this show! So, stay tuned for more developments! Let's make this the best year ever! Thanks!

Tay web show still on hiatus

Like I mentioned in the February episode of "Tay: The Podcast" my absence from the Tay web show may be a little more prevalent in the future. In light of everything that's been going on this month (more on that in a second!) the absence is likely to continue.  This is a good and bad thing. The negative side is that there may be a possibility of changing the location of the show for liability reasons. I haven't quite decided where yet, but when we do come back, and you notice that the crimson curtain is gone, you'll know why! There is an upside to the hiatus though. March 2017 was the best month we ever had, which means the numbers are growing pretty fast! So, there are a lot of things behind the scenes that need to be taken care of in order to move forward in a big way. I am currently in the process of developing a Patreon page and Patreon campaign video. Most of my energy  will be spent developing the concept and making this video. It has to be the best thing we've ever done! We want to make you all proud, and make it worth your time to contribute if you feel so led. You have already invested so much of your time, and we thank you for that! Thanks for your patience, and be sure to stay tuned for more updates and content.