"This is not what it looks like"

Wally Schopenhauer's wife just left him. Later that night, two detectives show up to inform that she was involved in a horrible car accident, and that she is missing. Did Wally kill his wife? Do the police suspect him? Find out in this black comedy nominated for two awards at the 2015 Middle TN 54 Film Fest!

The First "Word" of Jesus While on the Cross

Based on a sermon by Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, we present an artistic twist on the Easter story! May the words of Jesus Christ uplift you and bless you! The first word deals with what He was thinking while on the Cross.

"This Isn't What It Looks Like" trailer

Wally Schopenhauer's wife is missing. Is she dead? Do the two detective's really suspect him? This is Camcordertv.com's entry for the 2015 54 Hour Film Festival! (it's a dark comedy!)

Halloween Surprise

Corey tries his best to make a monster alter ego, but Taylor can't stop laughing. Later, it seems Corey has found the perfect costume, or has he?

Revenge of the Monsters of Vanceingville

The film that started it all! Count Drahoon reunites with his monster son Daryl and his werewolf/hunchback assistant to kidnap two hapless teenagers for the face transplant surgery of the evil Dr. Sardonick!

The Fart in Our Stars

A little belated, but here's our special for August: a parody trailer for John Green's The Fault in Our Stars!